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DTSB-120 (260-1890kg) Full Ext’n Bi-Directional


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Professional Range slides are sold as singles, so order two units if a pair is required

The DTSB-120 is a rugged slide fitted to extend fully front & rear, which has been designed for load maximisation from a small space envelope. Often specified for heavy generator access and bi-directional train battery boxes, it also has a wide range of applications where torsional strength is paramount. A unique rocker system is fitted to hold and release the beams in sequence, so the slides operate as a pair from stowed position, through forward and back out through the rear.

The DTSB-120 is an extreme load/duty 100% extension slide (260-1,890 kg/pair). At 550mm, 1 pair has a travel of 550mm to the front and to the rear, with a load capacity of 1,820 kg. Constructed from cold drawn steel sections and precision milled ball tracks the DTSB telescopic slide has an excellent level of resistance to shock and vibration when supporting a dynamic load in the closed position. Accordingly, this slide is well suited to mounting on vehicles. This is a very strong compact slide, utilising the I beam format, which offers high resistance against axial and coaxial torque loading. Resulting in minimal deflection at full extension and low operating forces.

Additional product variations can be produced with bespoke closed lengths, extensions, mounting options, surface treatments and stainless ball bearings/cages. The DTSB-120 drawer slide may also be fitted in the minor axis (flat). However, the load capacity will be reduced by 60-80% of the stated loading.

DTSB slides on accurate robotic pick & place or high speed shuttles require factory adaptation and customer in situ testing, prior to committing to production.  The beams are precision ground for accuracy and ball cages laser cut. However, constant low force usage will lead to some bearing migration without an operator to realign about every 2,000 cycles. The slides are limited to operational speeds of <0.3m/s. We are starting a laser hardening programme for the ball races, to launch in Jan 2024. This will increase the hardness to 62hrc, operational speeds to 0.7m/s and reduce the operational forces to traverse. This will make the slide ideal for robotic usage with a substantial economy over expensive induction hardened beams.

The production process is ISO9001-2015 accredited. Our steel telescopic slides are manufactured from cold drawn steel C45E+C in accordance with EN 10277. Laser cut ball cages are manufactured from zinc plated sheet metal, and the ball bearings are carbon steel C85 G100 in accordance with DIN 5401. Standard Professional Range steel slides are RoHS & REACH certified to withstand over 1,000 hours corrosion protection, until the appearance of red rust. This is due to the investment made in our own state of the art electrolytic alkaline zinc processing facility. Core steel C45 E+C, with a layer depth of 10-12 microns conforming to DIN EN ISO 9227 neutral salt spray testing. No white rust appearance within 120 hours. No red rust within 1,032 hours. The DTSB slides can be manufactured with threaded or countersunk hole patterns upon request, as per the website images

An individual slide weighs 33.42 kg per metre.

Prices are per single slide. Loadings are given per extended pair. There are two slides per pair. The DTSB-120 is manufactured to order. Please allow 5-6 weeks for delivery or can be stocked for immediate call off against scheduled orders.

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Space Envelope Width: 44mm
Height: 120mm
Closed Length: 300-3000mm
Extension Length: 300-3000mm
Maximum Load Capacity: 260-1890 kg/pair
Extension Type: Bi-Directional
Material: Steel



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