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Extension Front & Rear

The SDTSB stainless steel range offers total extension front and rear. This is made possible by an internal rocker device which releases each beam in sequence. Ideal for thru-truck drawers or train battery boxes where access from either side may be limited. The beams are controlled and will never open out of sequence.

The SOWST stainless steel range offers partial extension front and rear. Ideal for mid mounted, large fire truck drawers, where access may be limited at the emergency scene.There is no loss of load capacity from our standard range and the drillings are the same in standard and bi-directional mounting.

The entire range is manufactured from high grade stainless steel 316L (Inox 14404), which ensures a slide with strong raceways, fit for the industrial purpose they were designed. Stainless steel beams are electro-polished as standard. Ball bearings are manufactured from 316L, with cages and end bolts supplied to at least grade 316. The slides can be supplied with high or low temperature grease upon request. The slides can operate at cryogenic temperatures and have only trace EMS, making them suitable for all defence applications requiring a low electro-magnetic signature.

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