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CONBAS 250kg Full Locking Truck Base Mount

Container Red fully locking slides are now supplied with a flexible bracket system, allowing them to be used as a highly economical base mount. Supplied with four bracket options fitted to the slides, this is a highly flexible system allowing floor mount with either under or top mount. The brackets are made in four length options which are interchangeable to support all Container Slide lengths up to 1524mm (60″). The brackets can also be purchased separately with a fastenings kit for customer fitting. At length 1422mm (56″) a set of LH & RH CONBAS weighs 26kg complete with brackets fitted.

Supplied as an integrated, fully locking mounting system which bolts into the vehicle floor with minimal effort. The drawer then locates on top of the inner brackets and is secured. No more need for expensive SUV/pick-up drawers!


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