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General Purpose Container Slide Fully Locking/No-Lock <250kg

The CONTAINER SLIDE is a general purpose heavy duty, cold rolled steel slide offering full extension high load bearing capabilities at a very cost effective price. The slide has a multi-purpose use, however it is used widely in commercial and emergency truck drawers. Supplied in interchangeable locking and non locking formats, these slides are sold per PAIR.

With a standard 19.1mm x 76.2 mm profile, this slide is available in lengths from 254mm (10″) through to 1,524 mm (60″) with corresponding load capacities ranging from 250 Kg/pair (550 lbs) to 180 Kg/pair (396 lbs). Best suited for static load applications such as vehicle storage and heavy duty racking. For dynamic loadings with excess shock and vibration, we recommend a cold drawn steel product such as the Ultio range or DTS-40 / DTS-50 from our Professional Range.

These telescopic slides are pre-drilled with a flexible fixing pattern enabling them to be ready-to-fit in most standard applications.  Full details of the fixing patterns and lengths and loads are set out on the datasheet. Bright zinc plated with positive stops in the closed and fully extended positions. The bearings are hardened steel with chrome plate. The slides have been tested to 50,000 cycles on full load.

Prices and load ratings are per pair. Loads are stated at full extension when the slide is uniformly mounted on the direct axis (not flat). The Container Slide is stocked in volume across all lengths and we aim to ship same working day. Please consult us for large volume OEM usage.



These are highly recommended for pick-up and utility truck drawers which need to be locked in the stowed and fully extended positions via a front activated latch. Reduce the stated load capacity by 30% if fitting to a moving vehicle, due to shock & vibration. With upgraded locking mechanism and material, we are pleased to announce the CONRED Fully Locking Slides are now certified to EN 60068-2-64 Standard (Environmental testing – Ground vehicle installations: Vibration, random, and guidance). This Standard simulates various types of vibration and shaking during transportation on loads up to 150kg (330Ibs).

Do not use Container Slides for access steps or any application where the loading is dynamic or not evenly displaced along the beams. Refer to our Professional Range of solid section slides for this type of mounting. We do not recommend flat mounting Container Slides. If flat mounted, please allow at least 70% load reduction across the pair

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