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Drawer Locking System, Locks & Handles < 500kg

Sliding Systems’ Handles include drawer and cabinet or door handles primarily for equipment cabinets on vehicles. The handles have been designed to eliminate the risk of possible pinch injury for a gloved hand; our double handle and push button lock gives the operator excellent control over the movement of a potentially heavy drawer, whether fitted to a straight slide-out drawer or in conjunction with our smooth slide and tilt system. The push-button lock retracts the two strong spring-loaded locking bolts, which re-engage when the drawer is slammed shut.

Datasheets are available for download on our main site www.gsfslides.com

For volume OEM discounts, please consult our sales dept.

Recommending the Front Handle Lock System as used by fire brigades
External front handle operation – lock in & out – compatible with all our slides

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