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Professional Range 6082 Aluminium/Inox < 330kg

The Professional Range of heavy duty slides manufactured from 6082 T6 aluminium and stainless bearings. Due to our standard manufacturing process of milling beams, we are able to supply these slides in virtually any aluminium requested. Particularly suited to military and airborne applications where the right choice of materials affects performance.

This is a high quality, smooth, full extension slide with milled ball tracks for accuracy and a slight pre-load. There is a choice of surface finishes available. The bearings and end stops are stainless steel, providing a corrosion resistant slide. We are able to offer the full Professional Range in either carbon steel or aluminium and they are totally interchangeable. Supplied with a standard anodisation. Please consult our engineers for other surface finishes available.

The ADTS-70 slide has a 330kg/pr load capacity at 600mm and is suited to wet applications such as fire truck pump carriers where steel slides corrode. The ADTS-50 with a 180kg loading over 600mm has been developed for vehicle mounted drawer systems where weight is an issue. There is a significant weight reduction in a Fire Rescue Unit which has up to 32 drawers. This compliments our non corrosive tilting drawer systems and handle locks.

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