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Aero BB Aluminum <350kg Aerospace/Defense Slides

Our new range of high grade alloy telescopic slides have been uniquely developed for the aerospace and defence industries. Manufactured in Japan by Takachiho Koheki Co Ltd, Sliding Systems have been appointed exclusive European distributor.

Utilising high quality components, the slides have a full ball bearing and sealed roller action. Designed to be slim, yet compact, there are a range of features including positive locks, detachable beams, or a combination of both. The larger profiles have a unique sequential beam extension, which provides more stability and higher load capacities.

The beams are manufactured from automotive grade 7N01 T5 aluminium for strength. Standard anodised surface finish meets MIL-A-8625 Type II. Ball bearings are made from hardened steel and chromed. Cages separate the bearings under vibration and provide for a smooth, silent extension. Compared to steel slides with similar dimensions and load capacities, Aero BB slides are up to 70% lighter. The AERO BB slides can be supplied anodised black or (subject to minimum production quantities) a full selection of coloured finishes. Aero BB slides are supplied with transport stops at the rear of the beams. We recommend external, load retaining stops are fitted when deployed.

Note: Locking & detachable beam slides are priced and sold individually, however, they are operated as non-handed pairs (RH or LH are identical, with the only variance being a mid-section lock which automatically engages/disengages even when inverted). This allows the choice of mixed locking and non-locking slides on the application.

CAD 3D step files and datasheets are downloadable from our main website www.gsfslides.com. Prices are per single slide. Loadings are given per extended pair. There are two slides per pair. Aero BB Slides are manufactured to order, with the 130 & 140 variants usually available in small batches from stocked inventory. Please allow 6 weeks for delivery, unless subscribed to our stock-holding programme.

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