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Container Red Fully Locking C/W Multi-Mount Bracket – Pair Pricing

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Container Red telescopic slides are sold as Left & Right handed pairs, so order one unit if a pair is required


Container Red Fully Locking Slides With Single Multi-Mount Bracket (LH & RH PAIR)

Supplied as a complete LH & RH set with a single bracket fitted to each slide

Container Red slides now can be supplied with a single floor mount bracket fitted. The brackets are designed to fit locking and non-locking slides and supplied as a LH & RH pair. The brackets are bolted onto the slides with nylon lock nuts, so can be removed and replaced in any preferred aspect.

3mm plated steel L brackets are secured by bolts and steel/nylon lock nuts so they are removable and can be re-fitted for multiple positions. There are four lengths of brackets: 305, 406, 558 and 711mm. They are pre-drilled to secure on to our standard Container slide drillings to both inner and outer beams. By using the brackets in multiples of 1, 2 or 4 we can fit to all slide lengths 304-1524mm.

The slides and brackets are supplied fitted as a LH & RH pair, so we select the right brackets for your chosen slide length. The bracket is also drilled to secure to the vehicle floor (bolts not supplied). Slides can be supplied with the loose brackets if preferred. We always supply as a handed LH/RH pair.

Select whether you require locking or non-locking Container Slides, select the length, add the bracket option (A, B, C or D above) and we do the rest!

Image of Container Red Base Mount: Config A - 4005.CONBAS - Sliding Systems


Space Envelope Width: 42mm
Height: 61mm
Closed Length: 356-1524mm
Extension Length: 356-1524mm
Maximum Load Capacity: 180-250 kg/pair
Extension Type: N/A
Material: Steel


Option A:

Option B:

Option C:

Option D:

2 reviews for Container Red Fully Locking C/W Multi-Mount Bracket – Pair Pricing

  1. Mark Kenning

    After a lot of online research I found these sliders with bracket mounting to be well below what I is available elsewhere. Also the quality is substantially better.

  2. Dmitriy

    Such kind of products are usually have a lot of unfinished elements. But not these. Quality and realisation are best.

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