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Radial Aluminum Long Length Linear Rail

Aluminium Radial Rails are a cost effective but high quality benchmark in light to medium duty linear motion. Manufactured via the same process as our Radial Telescopic Slides, these have a milled raceway which precisely supports the sealed rollers, ensuring full radial contact and eliminating brinelling.

The rails come in three profile sizes – 32, 52 and 80mm and are stocked in lengths up to 5.5 metres (5,500mm). Rails are supplied undrilled as standard, with centrelines clearly marked. We can supply rail cut and drilled to customer own requirements upon request.

Rail lengths up to 2.7m (2,700mm) can be purchased online. Lengths over 1,200mm will require specialist shipping, so please contact the sales office for batch quantity pricing.

The carriers come in 3 and 5 bearing lengths for increased stability. Steel bearings are fitted for strength, with Delrin bearings for noise and weight reduction. The carriers are supplied pre-loaded and fitted to each rail. Bearings are customer adjustable to increase or decrease factory settings. Carriers can be detached from the rail without loss of bearings.

Rails and carriers are purchased separately and any quantity can be fitted per rail. If required, rails can be continuously joined. Loads stated are PER CARRIER on the direct axis and will be increased accordingly to how many are fitted and how they are mounted. The load data is reduced by 50% if the rail & carriers are mounted flat, also the rail must be totally supported to achieve maximum loading.

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