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Full Extension (100-120% one way travel)

Our Professional Range of full extension slides can travel 100% of the closed length, or up to 120% with small reduction in load. The rear of the drawer will completely clear the cabinet or truck chassis. Having a three beam slide fitted to over travel to 120% (ie 600mm closed, 720mm ext’n) is an economical means of super extension without the expense of a four beam telescopic slide.

Over-travel slides are frequently specified throughout the special vehicle market, where light portable pumps and generators need to completely  clear the truck chassis for ease of operation or removal. We reduce the ball cage length, not the beams, so this modification can be quickly carried out on stocked product with minimal reworking. Please advise on the order if 120% extension is required.

Standard Professional Range steel slides are RoHS & REACH certified to withstand over 1,000 hours corrosion protection, until the appearance of red rust. This is due to the investment made in our own state of the art electrolytic alkaline zinc processing facility. Core steel C45 E+C, with a layer depth of 10-12 microns conforming to DIN EN ISO 9227 neutral salt spray testing. No white rust appearance within 120 hours. No red rust within 1,032 hours.

Request stainless steel 316L ball bearings to maximise this protection. Beyond this, we have an interchangeable range of all stainless steel 316L slides. Standard ball bearings are chrome plated steel with an option to upgrade to stainless steel 316L. This suits applications such as train battery boxes where solid section stainless steel slides are beyond budget.

Recommending the DTS40 compact slide with increased loading up to 350 kg per fully extended pair. Stocked from 150mm to 2,000mm – Low 40mm profile – High torque strength – Maximum rigidity. Suitable for military grade seating, machine guarding, emergency vehicle stowage and applications requiring high shock/vibration resistance. Also available in 316L stainless steel and aluminium non-corrosive.

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