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Super Extension (150-200% one way travel)

Super extension slides can travel 150% of the closed length or even up to 200% with the DD versions. The rear of the drawer will completely clear the cabinet and there will be space behind for access.

When an  over extension of 120% or less is required, the most cost effective alternative is to specify a standard extension slide from our Professional Range. Often these can be modified from stock at no extra cost with a minimal load decrease.

The entire range is manufactured from high grade steel type C45 E+C which ensures a slide with strong raceways, fit for the industrial purpose they were designed. Steel beams are plated with an industry standard zinc and passivate 10-12 microns surface protection. Plating is RoHS compliant. Standard ball bearings are chrome plated steel with an option to upgrade to stainless steel 304 or 316. This suits applications such as train battery boxes where solid section stainless steel slides are beyond budget.

Recommending the Ultio 7040 Four Beam Super Extension slide loading up to 250kg. 150% travel allows access to rear of drawer. Stocked 300mm to 700mm for fast delivery. Rugged design – no lateral play between beams – stainless steel balls & cages. Used widely in defence, utility, construction and emergency vehicles design.

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