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SOWS-50 Stainless Steel 316L (120-480 kg/pr) Partial Ext’n


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Professional Range slides are sold as singles, so order two units if a pair is required

The SOWS-50 telescopic slide is manufactured from marine grade 316L (1.4404) stainless steel (inox) offering a very high corrosion resistance. The austenitic structure of 316L stainless gives excellent toughness, even at cryogenic temperatures. The beams are electrostatically polished to a bright finish on all surface areas as standard.

The SOWS-50 is particularly suited for highly corrosive applications with prolonged exposure to the elements. Having a compact 50mm profile, this makes it an excellent choice for heavy duty marine seating or military/emergency truck drawers which operate in wet conditions. This is an extreme load/duty partial extension telescopic slide (120Kg–480 kg/pair) suitable for a wide range of applications. At 550mm, with 275mm travel, a uniformly loaded pair has a capacity of 460 kg.

Constructed from milled stainless steel sections, with machined ball tracks for accuracy, it has excellent levels of shock and vibration resistance. Accordingly the product is well suited to supporting marine seating/hatches and food grade machine guards. The slide beams, cages and ball bearings are manufactured from austenitic grade 316L (1.4404). End stop bolts and retaining pins are austenitic grade 304 (1.4301), completing the corrosion protection, There is the bespoke option to manufacture an all 316L product on higher production volumes.

This slide is robust to applied loads when in the extended position making it an excellent choice for dynamic applications, unlike many other slides manufactured from rolled steel ‘C’ sections. There are no plastic parts in the manufacture of this range, making it ideal for high temperature use. A single OWS-50 weighs 5.43 kg per metre.

The SOWS-50 drawer slide may also be fitted in the minor axis (flat). However, the load capacity will be reduced by 60-80% of the stated loading. It can be supplied with a 70% extension which will reduce the load slightly. Please consult our sales engineers for this no cost option.

Prices are per single slide. Loadings are given per extended pair. There are two slides per pair. The SOWS-50 slides are manufactured to order. Please allow 5-6 weeks for delivery, or can be stocked for immediate call-off against scheduled orders.

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Space Envelope Width: 17mm
Height: 50mm
Closed Length: 150-2000mm
Extension Length: 75-1000mm
Maximum Load Capacity: 120-480 kg/pair
Extension Type: Partial
Material: Stainless Steel 316L


1 review for SOWS-50 Stainless Steel 316L (120-480 kg/pr) Partial Ext’n

  1. Liam

    Received Within the stated 4 weeks to Chicago US , thanks for expediting this. The quality exceeds expectations and they run super smooth. The technical support helped a lot!

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