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DTSB-90 (460 -1125 kg) Full Ext’n Bi-Direction


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Professional Range slides are sold as singles, so order two units if a pair is required

The DTSB-90 is a rugged slide fitted to extend fully front & rear, which has been designed for load maximisation from a small space envelope. Often specified for heavy generator access and bi-directional train battery boxes, it also has a wide range of applications where torsional strength is paramount. A unique rocker system is fitted to hold and release the beams in sequence, so the slides operate as a pair from stowed position, through forward and back out through the rear.

This is an extreme load/duty 100% extension slide (460Kg-1,125Kg/pair). At 550mm, 1 pair has a travel of 550mm to the front and to the rear, with a load capacity of 1,060Kg. Constructed from cold drawn steel sections and precision milled ball tracks the DTSB-90 telescopic slide has a good level of resistance to shock and vibration when supporting a static load in the closed position. Accordingly this drawer runner is well suited to mounting on demanding military applications. Constructed in the tried and tested I beam format, this telescopic slide offers a low overall slide height for its high load capacity. The slide also has good resistance to applied loads when in the extended position making it an excellent choice for dynamic applications and manually operated systems.

The DTSB-90 can also be used in its minor axis but the load capacity will be reduced to 60% of the stated load capacity in the major axis, depending on type of fabrication and length of slide. It can be supplied with a 120% extension which will reduce the load capacity slightly. Please consult our sales engineers for this no cost option.

We do not recommend standard DTSB slides on accurate robotic pick & place or high speed shuttles, without factory adaptation and customer in situ testing, prior to committing to production. The slides are limited to operational speeds of <0.8m/s.

The entire range is manufactured from high grade steel type C45 E+C which ensures a slide with strong raceways, fit for the industrial purpose they were designed. The performance is far superior to slides made from XC10 through to XC35 which suit a volume manufacturing process. Standard ball cages are manufactured from zinc plated sheet metal, and the ball bearings are carbon steel C85 G100 in accordance with DIN 5401. An individual slide weighs 17.75 kg per metre.

Prices are per single slide. Loadings are given per extended pair. There are two slides per pair. The DTSB-90 is manufactured to order, please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery or can be stocked for immediate call off against scheduled orders.

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Space Envelope Width: 36mm
Height: 90mm
Closed Length: 300-2000mm
Extension Length: 300-2000mm
Maximum Load Capacity: 285-1125 kg/pair
Extension Type: Bi-Directional
Material: Steel



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